VMware VMmark 1.0


VMware VMmark 1.0

Build 20070712 is a release build of VMware VMmark 1.0.

Download : VMware.com

De tool var VMware om de performance van de Virtual Machine te bekijken.

What's new in 1.0?

We're pleased to announce the release of VMmark 1.0. Significant changes from the public beta are listed below:

  1. Enabled millisecond timing resolution on clients.
  2. The VMmark distribution is now packaged as a .zip file.
  3. Added additional troubleshooting notes to the VMmark Benchmarking Guide.
  4. Minor tilescore bugs fixed.
  5. Reporting scripts added.
  6. Added benchmark results section to the VMmark Benchmarking Guide.
  7. Updated VM templates to better support cloning.
  8. Updated VM templates to fix DNS resolution problems.
  9. Workload parameter updates to java server workload.
  10. Workload parameter updates to file server workload.
  11. Workload parameter updates to web server workload.
  12. Memory ballooning disabled for file server template.
  13. tilescore integrated with harness.
  14. tilescore script updated to allow for html output.
  15. Time synchronization addressed in the VMmark Benchmarking Guide.
  16. Tuning guide included in the /doc directory.
  17. Run and reporting rules updated.
  18. Improved disclosure html template.