System Center Operations Manager 2007

System Center Operations Manager 2007



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Microsoft heeft een opvolger van MOM klaar staan en gaat een naams verandering doormaken namelijk System Center Operation Manager 2007. Op dit moment gaat het de beta2 fase in. Ook door de naams wijziging trekt Microsoft de naam gelijk met de lijn van "Microsoft System Center family of management products" Dit zijn de producten als SMS 

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Q. Wat is System Center Operations Manager 2007?
Q. Why did you change the name from Microsoft Operations Manager to System Center Operations Manager?

Operations Manager 2007 is now an integral part of the Microsoft System Center family of management products. The new naming aligns Operations Manager with the overall System Center family brand.

Q. What’s new in Operations Manager 2007?

With this new release, Operations Manager will help you:

Proactively manage business critical IT services, including distributed applications, the supporting infrastructure and hardware, and end-user service delivery.

Reduce the complexities of managing your IT environment by providing a monitoring solution that is designed with ease of use in mind.

Provide a highly reliable infrastructure by leveraging Windows Server and SQL 2005 clustering for high availability and through agents that automatically failover to a secondary management server if connectivity to the primary server is lost.

Include management packs with prescriptive knowledge developed by the application and OS development teams at Microsoft and verified in production deployments to improve monitoring, troubleshooting, and problem resolution for more than 50 Microsoft applications and Windows Server components.

Q. What is the Operations Manager 2007 Feature Set?

The new features or capabilities in Operations Manager 2007 include:

End-to-end Service Monitoring

Transition to proactive management of IT services

Monitor the health of distributed applications down to the hardware

Synthetic transactions to monitor performance

New service-oriented views, dashboards, and reports

Easy-to-use templates and Service Designer for creating service-oriented management packs

Third-party management packs for network infrastructure and other applications and platforms

Microsoft Knowledge

Management packs that include Microsoft expertise for over 50 applications, servers, and clients

Proactive problem management of crash and hang data via Windows Error Reporting

Client utilization, reliability, and error monitoring of Windows Vista, Windows XP, and the Office suite

Audit collection service efficiently archives security event logs

Reliability and Security

Role-based security for secure delegation of access to information

Aggregate monitoring of client systems to focus on high-impact issues

Self-monitoring of servers, database, agents, and connectivity

Leverages Windows Server and SQL Server 2005 clustering and agent failover for high reliability

Certificate-based authentication and encryption is supported across Active Directory trust boundaries

Operational Efficiency

Leverages Active Directory for discovery and agent configuration

Automatically discover and deploy monitoring policies for new systems and applications

New self-tuning thresholds adjust alerting to business usage patterns

Easier to use, customize, and author reports

Understand and easily locate information with overview pages and integrated search

Microsoft Update for downloading server and agent updates

Q. What is End-to-end Service Monitoring?

Customers have requested the ability to manage other objects in the Operations Manager system in the same way that they manage servers today. In other words, they want to move from a server-centric view of the world to a service-centric view. Customers want to be able to monitor the events, alerts, state and performance associated with these objects. They want to run tasks, apply rules, set overrides, and set maintenance mode for these objects. Above all, they want simple ways to create and administer these objects, preferably by automatic discovery.

In Operations Manager 2007, we leverage the System Definition Model (SDM) to enable the monitoring of logical services or other entities besides the traditional server. This new management infrastructure enables Operations Manager to understand service and application structures, monitor service and application overall health in the form of a state machine, and then provide proscriptive knowledge and guidance around managing services and application state transitions. The infrastructure will also allow Operations Manager to perform synthetic transactions and model the application services being tested and the data being collected more accurately.

Q. Is there any other documentation for Operations Manager 2007 available?

Yes. The Operations Manager 2007 system requirements, reviewer’s guide, and “What’s New” section are part of the Beta 2 download.

Q. Can I try the Operations Manager 2007 release?

Yes. Download the Operations Manager 2007 Beta 2 and try it out today at: