Windows 7 applications loosing their icon’s.

Windows 7 applications loosing their icon’s.

I lost my icon from outlook 2007 below the fix for the problem, the simple way to rebuild the windows icon cache. The icon cache can be cleared and rebuild by deleting the file : IconCache.db this is a hidden file.

Here the way how to solve the issue.
  • Start Task Manager.
  • In the Process tab, right-click on the Explorer.exe process and click End Process.
  • Click the End process.
  • Click file of Task Manager and select New Task (Run…)
  • Type CMD.EXE and click OK
  • In the Command Prompt window, type the following:

CD /d %userprofile%AppDataLocal
DEL IconCache.db /a

  • In Task Manager, click File, select New Task (Run…)
  • Type EXPLORER.EXE, and click OK.

Now the icon cache is cleared and the problem should be resolved.