Citrix Provisioning Server 5 – A06

Provisisioning server 5.0 Exam (A06)

Last week I did the Provisioning Server 5 exam from Citrix and passed it without any troubles. I got a partner offering from to do the Xendesktop training which includes 2 e-learning courses and 2 exams vouchers. It was a little tough to get a hold of somebody who could deliver the vouchers but CDG in the Netherlands got back to me in a couple of hours and delivered me the first vouchers so I could start with the e-learning training.

I really like the e-learning training from Citrix they are put together with great care and the cover all the material step by step. After the introduction and some basic stuff there are the Toolwire laps. You get a full blown Dell server with Xenserver preinstalled and the exercise material ready to go. You get 30 days to complete all the laps and of course I started It and let it expire till the last day before the exam, I contacted the Citrix learning support and got another 30 days without any questions asked within 6 hours. It took me about 8 hours to complete the course and after that I was confident to take the exam, there are exercise questions after every chapter to test your skills as you go.

The exam wasn’t to hard there were 51 questions some of them were in the exercise questions in the e-learing others were out of the blue. The following subjects were in the exam : Planning an Implementation, Configuring Initial Setup, Managing, Maintaining and Troubleshooting Citrix Provisioning server 5. Especially the last part Troubleshooting was a bit tricky so some extra attention is required.